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Volunteers Wanted for Cycle Massachusetts: August 5-11

posted Mar 15, 2017, 2:15 PM by Lindy King

Want to have some fun and ride for free. Consider being one of our awesome, friendly volunteers.

The jobs are all pretty easy. You can work one day and ride another. It lots of fun. Volunteers who work 6 or 7 days instead of riding, can even bring along a friend who can ride for free. 

  • being a driving volunteer who helps out at rest stops or sweeps the routes to see if anybody needs help,
  • driving a box truck on move days, or
  •  being part of our in camp hospitality team, or
  • working with one of the driving volunteers along the course.

We have lots more information on the web site. Take a look. 

You could be one of those people who helps makes us the 
Friendliest Ride in The East.