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League of American Bicyclists urges you to TAKE ACTION!

posted Sep 6, 2017, 3:28 PM by Lindy King
Over the next few days the House will vote on the Woodall Amendment, a change to the 2018 transportation budget. that will hurt local governments - making it harder for cities and towns to build bike infrastructure. 

Representative Woodall (R-GA) has an amendment that would allow states to rescind, or take back, unobligated transportation funding from local governments.  We oppose the Woodall Amendment * because we believe that when local governments have more control over transportation funding they are more likely to build bike infrastructure, complete streets and projects that create transportation choices at the community level.
Please contact your Representative and ask them to vote NO on Woodall Amdt

Background information
At the end of the year the federal government can rescind, or pull back from states, a portion of funding that has not yet been designated for specific projects. Congress then repurposes this funding for future transportation programs.
Under current law, the state cannot rescind funding designated for local governments. This allows local governments to plan for transportation projects over the long term based on the funding Congress designated for them. If states have the ability to rescind this funding, local governments won't be able to plan for multi-year projects. A city that wants to build a bike trail might not because they can't be certain the state won't take away that funding.
The Woodall amendment hurts local governments, and hurts biking.

Please contact your Representative and ask them to vote NO on Woodall Amdt

* It's important you contact your Representative because the amendment only links to other parts of the bill, so takes some digging to understand. In the first line of the amendment strikes the the language that excepts local funding from rescissions.