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Election Notice - 2018 Board of Directors

posted Nov 24, 2017, 5:10 AM by Merle Adelman   [ updated Nov 29, 2017, 4:10 AM ]
Here is the slate for the 2018 Board of Directors with Statements if received. Watch for an email (or two) with a link to the ballot.  You must submit your ballot by Dec. 4 to be counted. Results will be announced at the Dec. 7 Holiday Party!  Questions?  Contact Don Kennedy,


Howie Davidson

Vice President

Don Kennedy (

I would like to continue for the coming year as your vice president. In addition to the duties of the office: arranging the non-business portion of the meetings, I will support the club by leading a minimum of five rides for the 2018 season and I encourage and welcome the entire membership to do the same.


AJ Gemperline

I have been a member of NVP for three years and I spent the last two years serving as activities chair.  It is time for me to move on to more challenges in helping the club.  I am running for clerk to record minutes of board meeting and to submit the necessary legal filings to the state.  I enjoy riding with the NVP and am looking forward to next season where I hope to ride more than I did in this last health hampered year.


Rick Bean


Julie Bernardi (

I've appreciated the opportunity to serve on the Board this past year, to learn its role in the Club's operations. I enjoy having a say in decision making and contributing to the Club by being a voice for members. 

Steve Jasinski ( 

I’d like to be considered as a Director at Large for the Nashoba Valley Pedalers.  The dedicated people who run the club volunteer their time and energy to provide a positive experience for its members.  As a “user” of those benefits, I’d like to pay the club back if I can by volunteering to be part of the board and helping the club move forward.  Groucho Marx once famously said, "I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”.  I think Groucho would have changed his mind if he joined the NVP.

Bill McCarthy (

I Would love the opportunity to continue contributing to the club. This general position is perfect for me.   Here I can offer a wide variety experience to bring the NVP community together.   Yes, more new things like Zwift.   More group outings like Le Ride Documentary film.   More recognition dinners for our key members.

Sam Mercier (

 1)  To help bring the surrounding communities together through biking charity events--like raise funds for pet shelters.Seems there isn't enough of those.  And, it helps expose our bike club name to the surrounding communities.

 2)  By volunteering you develop stronger ties within the biking community and work with the members to
      perhaps enhance the bike club---for instance, make it easier for members  by offering an additional
      membership type, like a 2-yr membership at a discount, similar to what CRW offers.  Another idea is
      to have a dedicated section on the NVP site for members to upload photos from recent bike rides---perhaps
      have them rotate on a monthly basis.

Graham Rae (

I love everything the sport of cycling has to offer. Fitness, physical and mental health, being outdoors, speed, competition and the chance to be around interesting people from all walks of life. I enjoy a diversity of riding including road, time trial, mountain, indoor training, roller racing and especially hill climb races. NVP for me is a unique combination of a club with excellent rides, social activities but above all friends who will help and care about you both on and off the bike - that is the uniqueness that I want to help preserve as an ordinary member of this fine club. Thanks for considering me as a general board member. 

Geof Tillotson ( 

As an avid road, mountain and touring cyclist I strive to make our sport more inviting to riders of all interests and abilities.  I enjoy leading rides, riding with new folks and also working both locally and regionally on cycling safety and advocacy.  Thank you for considering my candidacy

Megan Yang  (

I am passionate about cycling. I started in 2010 and I’ve fall in love with cycling ever since.  One of my wishes is to ride my bike across America.